Auckland rates rise options more popular than freeze – council survey

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Nearly two thirds of Aucklanders back a rates increase over a rates freeze, new figures from the council show.

Auckland City's marina during the Covid-19 alert level four lockdown.

Auckland City’s marina during the Covid-19 alert level four lockdown. Photo: RNZ / Patrice Allen

Auckland Council has released a summary of the public feedback on its proposed Emergency Budget.

The council is suffering a drop in revenue of about $500 million due to the economic impact of Covid-19.

In response, the council came up with options in an emergency budget. The two rate options were either a previously agreed rise of 3.5 percent, or a lower one of 2.5 but with more cutbacks in areas such as public transport fare concessions.

The council received 34,915 responses on the proposed budget – 9793 of the submissions were pro forma responses from various groups, such as Auckland Rate Payers Alliance and Generation Zero.

While 28 percent supported the 2.5 percent increase, 29 percent of respondents supported a 3.5 percent increase.

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However, 25 percent supported a rates freeze and 8 percent voted for a rates decrease.

The council will make a decision on 16 July.

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