At 70, I don’t have s3x again – Charly Boy

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Veteran musician and activist, Charly Boy who recently clocked 70 has stated that at his age he doesn’t have s3x again.

In his words:‘’At 70 I don’t have s3x again, my hard-on is not as strong as before. Note that my manhood is still working but I have lost interest in s3x. For example for the past four years, I have not ridden a power bike, I remember a time when I had 15 power bikes, now I only drive scooter bike. Everything in life is a phase. That is why one should continue to evolve because the world is changing. I didn’t know that I would be known when I was younger, I was only busy playing with my friends, I didn’t even know that I would be around till 70.

‘’I just want to be able to do as much as I can squeeze into my life. I have dreams that I have not touched because of the environment.’’, he said.

Sharing the scariest moment of his life, the former PMAN president said: “My scariest moment was when the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian army arrested and brutalized me. I was concerned about the lawlessness of the country because I didn’t know what could become of me”.

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