As the Memorial Day throngs gather, 62 percent of American adults have got one vaccination dosage.

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As enormous crowds continue to assemble for festivities and athletic events during Memorial Day weekend, the United States is getting closer to President Joe Biden’s immunization targets.

According to CDC data, 62.6 percent of U.S. adults have gotten at least one COVID-19 vaccine dosage, and 132,846,983 individuals are fully vaccinated, which is close to Biden’s target of 70 percent of people receiving at least one dose and 160 million fully immunized by July 4.

Vaccinations have also increased as children aged 12 and older have been made eligible with 59.8% of the eligible population receiving at least one dose and 40.7% fully vaccinated. Overall, 167,733,972 people, or 50.5% of the U.S. population have received one dose and 135,087,319 or 40.7% of the population have completed their vaccine series.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last week announced that employers can require employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and can provide incentives, including cash, so long as they are not “coercive.”

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Under the guidelines, companies are still required to provide reasonable accommodation for employees who are exempt from mandatory immunization under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

In addition the United States reported just new 11,976 infections and 343 deaths through Saturday, according to data gathered by Johns Hopkins University though 19 didn’t report data. In the past week the United States reported 144,845 cases, a 22% decrease from the previous week and 435 deaths a 9% decrease, according to Worldometers.

The United States still leads all nations in total cases at 33,256,937 and fatalities at 594,414 since the start of the pandemic.

Amid the vaccine rollout and the decrease in cases, the Transporation Security Administration announced that it screened 1.96 million travelers on Friday, the highest number since the start of the pandemic.

On Sunday, the Indianapolis 500 opened its doors to 135,000 fans — 40% of Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s full capacity — representing the most-attended sporting event in the world since the start of the pandemic.

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California reported 1,079 new COVID-19 cases and seven deaths Sunday as it leads the nation with 3,684,388 infections and 62,006 fatalities since the start of the pandemic. The state has administered 37,437,314 vaccine doses and fully vaccinated 51% of its population.

Texas ranks second with 2,517,141 cases since the start of the pandemic along with the third-highest death toll of 50,423 as it reported 286 new infections and 20 new deaths on Sunday. To date, Texas has administered 22,168,526 vaccine doses and 52.93% of its population is vaccinated.

Third-ranked Florida announced it would not report COVID-19 data over Memorial Day weekend. The state has reported a total of 2,320,818 cases and 36,774 resident deaths since the start of the pandemic. Florida has also administered 17,615,460 vaccine doses and 8,187,878 people are fully vaccinated.

New York reported 785 new COVID-19 cases and 18 deaths Sunday, as it ranks fourth in cases with 2,084,696 and second in deaths with a total of 53,269. New York has administered 18,996,617 vaccine doses and 45.6% of its total population is fully vaccinated.

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Illinois added 602 new cases as it ranks fifth with 1,381,665 total and 18 fatalities to bring its death toll to 22,794. The state has administered 11,230,429 vaccine doses and 41.28% of its population is fully vaccinated.


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