Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack provides on-the-go wireless charging.

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Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack offers on-the-go wireless charging for $99

For $99…

The power adapter and cord are not included.

Do you adore your brand-new iPhone 12 but find it difficult to keep it charged when out and about? If that’s the case, Apple has some excellent news for you. Starting today, a MagSafe Battery Pack is available for $99. It’s a magnetic battery that connects to the back of your phone for “safe and reliable” wireless charging wherever you are.

To be clear, the MagSafe Battery Pack is not the same thing as Apple’s dedicated, plug-powered MagSafe Charger. That product is less than half the price (at $39) and is designed to sit on your desk or some other static surface.

The Battery Pack, on the other hand, is designed particularly for on-the-go battery recharges. You can potentially keep it plugged in and on your desk to get the same effect as a regular MagSafe device, but that’s definitely not the best way to utilise it.

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The MagSafe Battery Pack only comes in one capacity choice of 1,460mAh, so it won’t be nearly enough to fully charge your iPhone 12 while out and about, and it’ll charge slowly at just 5W when used without an adapter. If you attach it to a wall adapter, charging speeds will increase, but you’ll have to buy one separately – something Apple recommends.

Currently, an Apple-branded 20W USB-C power adapter costs $20 on the company’s website. Naturally, the USB-C cable itself isn’t included in that package, so you’ll need to shell out another $20 if you want an official version of that.Overall, if you want to stick to official Apple products, the MagSafe Battery Pack plus its “recommended” accessories will cost you approximately $140, assuming you don’t already have the latter at home.

Of course, this isn’t to suggest the item isn’t worth the money. That is all up to you. But one thing is certain: since the MagSafe product line was relaunched last year, Apple fans have been yearning for a portable cable-free phone charging option. And, of course, the typical “Apple” fit-and-finish is present: the all-white design of the Battery Pack is appealing and will likely match nicely with a range of different-colored iPhone 12s (and their cases).


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