Apple iPhone 11 remains popular, surpasses iPhone XR sales

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$1,000+ smartphones are still not a good value proposition for most people

Editor’s take: With iPhone 12 inching closer to its release later this year, it’s interesting to look at how well Apple’s current generation of iPhone has performed, especially in the context of the lockdown measures that have put a lot of strain on the global supply chain of tech companies, as well as people having less disposable income for expensive purchases.

Apple turned in a record holiday quarter in 2019 thanks to strong demand for the iPhone 11, and it looks like that trend has continued in 2020. According to a report from Omdia, the iPhone 11 managed to steal the title of “world’s most popular smartphone” from the iPhone XR – which according to CounterPoint Research was selling like hotcakes to people who are looking to get the most iPhone for their dollar.

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