Amit Almog charged with murder of girlfriend Maya Vishniyak

Amit Almog was charged on Thursday morning with the murder of his girlfriend Maya Vishniyak by the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court.

He has also been charged with aggravated assault against his mother.

Almog was caught close to his home after the murder on May 16, after his mother called the police over his murder of 22-year-old Vishniyak. After killing Vishniyak, Almog waited in the apartment for his mother to arrive and attacked her with a knife to the face and body, after showing her Vishniyak’s body.

The murderer also allegedly covered her body with banknotes, photographed it and sent the pictures to at least one of his friends.

Almog was found to have intentionally murdered Vishniyak, according to the prosecutor’s statement delivered by the Israel Police to the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court on Sunday afternoon.

Tamar Beeri contributed to this report.

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