AMD teases its upcoming RDNA 2-powered ‘Hangar 21’ ray tracing tech demo

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You can get a glimpse of the demo now

In brief: If you thought Nvidia was the only GPU maker capable of creating cards that can power impressive ray tracing tech, think again. Now that AMD’s RX 6000-series GPUs are on the horizon, the company is eager to show off its RT chops in the best way it can: a tech demo, set to launch on November 19.

Sadly, November 19 is still a couple short days away, so we can’t see AMD’s upcoming “Hangar 21” demo in all its glory just yet. However, the company has released a short teaser trailer for the demo today, which you can see above.

The teaser briefly showcases a variety of RT effects running on AMD’s open-source FidelityFX graphical platform (in combination with DirectX 12 Ultimate). Some of the key effects shown off in the teaser include ray traced shadows, reflections, and “lighting,” presumably global illumination.

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As for the content of the demo, it looks like some sort of far-future sci-fi infiltration mission, with a cyborg ninja as our protagonist. As someone who has just recently completed the excellent Ghostrunner, I have to say it certainly looks like AMD took some inspiration from that title with this demo.

We’re excited to see the full tech demo in action when AMD releases it to the public, and we’ll be sure to share it with our readers when the time comes.

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