After Trump’s ‘total anarchy,’ a G7 insider praises Biden.

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According to a source with knowledge of the conversations, US President Joe Biden brought a markedly different tone to the Group of Seven summit than his predecessor Donald Trump, enabling for honest and constructive discussion of global challenges without creating disruptive disarray.

“It used to be complete chaos,” the insider added. “Before, we were on edge the entire, the whole time just trying to keep the G7 intact – and you don’t have to worry about that now.”

“You can have a frank discussion without having to start it off by saying: ‘No. Russia is not going to come back into the G7,'” the person added.

The United States is returning to its role as a cooperative leader of the free world under Biden, France’s Emmanuel Macron said earlier on Saturday, demonstrating the relief felt by many major U.S. friends that Trump’s administration is finished.

Macron’s statement echoed those of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who described Biden as “a big breath of fresh air” on Thursday.

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Neither Macron nor Johnson made an explicit analogy between Biden and Trump, but both commended Biden’s clearly cooperative tone, and insiders said there was relief after Trump surprised and befuddled many European partners at times.



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