Additional missiles will be carried by British warships.

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The British Military Ministry stated this week that contracts with European defence firm MBDA UK will strengthen the missile capability of the British Royal Navy’s destroyers.

A statement on Tuesday said the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile program, known as CAMM or Sea Ceptor, will be integrated into weapons systems of Britain’s six Type 45 destroyers.

In addition, military contractor Eurosam will acquire 72 long-range Aster 30 missiles to outfit each of the Royal Navy’s six Type 45 warships.

The ships, which will be similar in length, size, and function to the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, will be outfitted with 24-missile CAMM silos as well as 48-missile Aster missile silos.

“The introduction of the U.K.-produced CAMM missile in conjunction with the current Aster 30 missile will provide the Type 45 with a significant uplift in anti-air capability into the future as the Type 45 delivers the backbone of air defence to the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group,” Defense Equipment and Support chief Sir Simon Bollom said in a press release.

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The MBDA UK deal is for 11 years, while the Eurosam contract is for ten years, with the firepower increase costing $689 million.

A statement known as the Defense Command Paper 2021, released by the British government in November 2020, said the Defense Ministry will see an increase in spending of over $33 billion over the next four years.


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