Add more RGB to your gaming setup with Corsair’s LT100 smart lighting towers

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Starter pack features two aluminum towers for $130, supports up to two $60 expansion kits

Bottom line: Hardcore RGB fans who’ve run out of places to decorate their rigs with fancy lighting can look forward to Corsair’s LT100 smart lighting towers. Much like an LED strip running across a desk or the back of a PC, their simple purpose is to expand upon your room’s immersive ambient lighting landscape, with each tower packing 46 customizable LEDs. Join up to four of these units for a dazzling 184 RGB LED light show.

Like most hardware companies, Corsair has been increasingly adding RGB lighting to its entire PC product portfolio. From glowing fans, PSU cables, RAM kits, and CPU coolers inside your PC to mice, keyboards, and headsets outside of it, all are customizable via the company’s iCUE software.

The latest to join them is the LT100 smart lighting towers starter kit that consists of a 16-inch tall pair of aluminum towers essentially draped in LEDs, a removable plastic headset holder, two micro USB to USB-A cables, and a 5v AC Adapter.

The towers support reverse mounting to suit a user’s preference for either bright, vivid lighting on the front or subtle, ambient illumination when facing backward. They’re attached to an RGB base that sports a button for pushing through 11 color profiles, which Corsair says are accessible right out of the box.

When connected to iCUE, the towers can sync with other peripherals and can match and diffuse colors displayed at the edges of your monitor for a more immersive experience. They can also be used as an audio visualizer to go along with your tunes.

The $130 starter pack containing the aforementioned components can also be augmented with up to two $60 expansion kits, each of which adds another tower. A complete set of four, therefore, will set you back $250.

Corsair’s iCUE LT100 smart lighting towers are now available to buy and come with a 2-year official warranty.

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