According to the DOJ, agents used photos of FBI employees to entice sex offenders.

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According to Department of Justice inspectors, FBI agents used photos of young female support staff employees posing as children or sex workers to lure sexual predators on social media websites.

According to a report submitted late last week by the department’s Office of the Inspector General, one agent used photos of FBI support employees who were not certified as undercover agents without permission from their superiors.

According to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the agent “said he was ‘fishing’ on social media sites but did not record which sites he used.”

“The (agent) did not inform the support staff employees’ supervisors that the employees were involved in (undercover) operations, and the (agent) advised the support staff employees who provided photographs to not tell anyone, including their supervisors.”

Horowitz said that while employees’ faces were blurred and they were clothed in the photos, they were nevertheless potentially put in danger.

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“The FBI had no documentation or information regarding whether the photographs still appear on the websites or how long the photographs appeared on the websites, during which time the photographs could have been — and potentially could still be — downloaded, copied, or further disseminated,” the report said.

The conduct, according to the Inspector General, “poses potential adverse consequences for non-(agent) employees participating in (undercover) operations, including potentially putting them in danger of becoming victims of criminal offences.”

Horowitz demanded that the FBI develop a policy governing the use of such employees in undercover operations, which would require their written consent and would be meticulously documented and monitored.


FBI Executive Assistant Director Brian Turner wrote in response that the agent’s conduct is being reviewed by the bureau’s Office of Professional Responsibility and promised that new guidelines will be developed “in the coming weeks.”

“Upon publication, the FBI will also ensure that the FBI personnel who engage in (undercover) operations are aware of the new guidelines and trained on the requirements,” Turner wrote.


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