According to a GDC poll, North American and European game developers tend to create for PC.

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The PS5 is not far away.

Despite AAA publishers’ sporadic belief that PC gaming is extinct or on the way out, the reality couldn’t be more different these days. Steam and the Epic Games Store have millions of users and are growing year after year; in reality, according to a new Game Developers Conference (GDC) poll, game developers favour the platform over consoles.

While consoles continue to be a computing force to be reckoned with, according to the GDC’s recent State of the Game Industry survey, 58 percent of polled developers consider the PC to be the “most interesting” computer.

In this category, the PC outperformed even the PS5, which received 44% interest. The Nintendo Switch came in second with 38%, and the Xbox Series X/S came in third with 30% for consoles. The overall developer interest in virtual reality platforms was 27 percent.

Google’s Stadia network, on the other hand, came in dead last. That’s bad news for Google’s subscription service, which hasn’t been making headlines recently for its breakout success stories (probably because there haven’t been many).

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The GDC’s State of the Game Industry report does not define “developer interest” but it’s probably fair to say it refers to sites on which they’d like to produce content if given the choice.

3,000 developers were surveyed in total, and since the GDC is largely a Western gathering, the majority of respondents are from North America and Europe. As a result, there’s a chance that some ethnic bias is affecting the results; for example, Asian developers might favour console production.

In either case, this survey should serve as further proof that PC gaming is still alive and well, and will be for a long time. Cloud gaming may eventually surpass it, but given the lack of developer interest in platforms like Stadia (currently), the day hasn’t arrived yet.



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