A young man from British Columbia has doubled his own world record for Jenga piling.

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A young man from British Columbia with a knack for balance shattered his own Guinness World Record by piling 1,400 Jenga blocks on a single block, more than double his previous record.

Auldin Maxwell, 12, of Salmon Arm, was named a Guinness World Record holder earlier this year after stacking 638 Jenga blocks on a single block’s base.

Maxwell has now officially broken his own record, more than doubling his block total to 1,400.

“I made my 1,400 one fatter because there are 40 layers on it,” Maxwell told Global News. “The shorter one’s a little easier and more stable.”

Maxwell also broke a similar record using giant Jenga blocks. He managed to stack 500 on a single block.

The boy said he has set his sights on breaking his own giant Jenga stacking record.


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