A woman was shot and killed on the set of Alec Baldwin’s new film.

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An accident on the set of a film starring Alec Baldwin resulted in the death of a woman and the injury of a man.

 file photo taken on June 22, 2021 US actor Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin. Photo: AFP

Police in the US state of New Mexico said a gun being used as prop was discharged during filming for the 19th Century western Rust on Thursday.

The woman, 42, was taken to hospital but died of her injuries. The man, also aged 42, was receiving emergency care.

Detectives are investigating the incident at Bonanza Creek Ranch, a popular filming location.

Variety is reporting that Baldwin fired the prop gun.

“No one was arrested in the incident, and no charges have been filed, the office said. Detectives were interviewing witnesses, and the incident remains under an ‘open and active’ investigation, according to the sheriff’s office,” Variety reported.

“The Santa Fe County sheriff’s office confirms that two individuals were shot during filming of a scene on the set of the movie western ‘Rust,'” the sheriff’s office said in a statement, according to Variety.

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“It appears that the scene being filmed involved the use of a prop firearm when it was discharged, according to investigators.” Detectives are looking into how and what type of projectile was used.”

Variety magazine was informed by a trade union that the woman, Halyna Hutchins, was working as a director of photography.

The International Cinematographer’s Guild said her death was “devastating news” and “a terrible loss”.

– BBC and RNZ


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