A sparkling resume for Benjamin Netanyahu – opinion

In the last few months alone, Netanyahu’s decisive actions saved an untold number of Israeli lives during the coronavirus crisis from what could have so easily been a catastrophic event.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  (photo credit: REUTERS)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

(photo credit: REUTERS)

An opinion piece in The Jerusalem Post on Monday by former Post editor-in-chief Jeff Barak outlandishly claimed that “[Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu has nothing in comparison on his resume.” Barak wrote those words after listing other Israeli prime ministers, who, in his opinion, had “made tough decisions that became their legacy.”

For Barak, those legendary decisions notably included Ariel Sharon’s disastrous 2005 unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, with the enclave quickly becoming a Hamas-controlled terror zone continually used as a launching pad for firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

The writer missed that in the last few months alone, Netanyahu’s decisive actions saved an untold number of Israeli lives during the coronavirus crisis from what could have so easily been a catastrophic event for the Jewish state without his leadership. While the virus threat continues, Netanyahu’s difficult and brave decisions are upheld internationally as a successful template for how world leaders should respond during the pandemic.

The writer also neglected the Israeli premier’s massive economic “stimulus” package that swiftly injected cash into the hands of Israelis, saving countless jobs and helping to stabilize the Israeli economy during this emergency period when so many other nations are far worse off.

Netanyahu’s renowned leadership the past few months alone would suffice to solidify his “resume,” if Barak really wants to speak in those terms.

Netanyahu at times single-handedly confronted the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, including with his speech before a Joint Session of Congress. He ordered the daring raid on an Iranian facility that unearthed the startling extent of Iran’s nuclear project and exposed additional sites used to develop an illicit nuclear program. His actions lead to an unprecedented sanctions regime targeting Tehran. Without Netanyahu’s leadership, Iran would already have nuclear weapons.

There’s also Netanyahu’s free market reforms of the Israeli economy, which turned the Jewish state into a global powerhouse.

Netanyahu’s leadership and close ties with the Trump administration helped secure US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the move of the US Embassy there. This alongside his role in bringing about US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the strategic Golan Heights under the Trump administration.

Barak negated Netanyahu’s successful campaign to build relations with numerous countries that previously spurned the Jewish state. The prime minister’s road and infrastructure initiatives modernized Israel’s roadway system. His natural gas exploration led to game-changing discoveries and Israel’s increased energy independence.  And Netanyahu’s tireless successful protection of Israel from regional enemies, including those to the north, are among other achievements that Barak might want to add to Netanyahu’s “resume.”

Netanyahu has already done enough to secure his place in history as one of the greatest Israeli leaders. Under his guidance, Israel has become a success story. As the newly reelected prime minister, Netanyahu continues full speed ahead to tirelessly fight to safeguard Israel and secure the country’s future.

The writer is an adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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