A New Zealander who struggled for a MIQ spot after being diagnosed with cancer has died.

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In Christchurch, a terminally ill New Zealander who had to compete for an emergency place in controlled isolation died.

Trevor Ponting was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in late 2019 in Japan and desired to enjoy his final days with family and friends.

According to his younger sister Yvonne Ponting, he was informed in January that he had been refused a spot in MIQ because his condition was not serious enough to qualify as a medical emergency.

Animators for children About the same time, the Wiggles were given MIQ spots.

Ponting was finally given a spot and was able to return to New Zealand with his partner, Aiko, and their two children.

Before Ponting’s diagnosis, the pair worked in winter sports in Japan and had been travelling between the two countries for years.

Yvonne, his niece, said he died in the early hours of Thursday morning.

She told RNZ in January that she wished her family’s ordeal would inspire improvements to the MIQ procedure because it was a “a kick in the guts” for families of terminally ill relatives to confront the prospect of never seeing their loved ones again.

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