A New Password Security Feature is Coming to Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge now includes new password security capabilities, as the browser continues to evolve across platforms.

The app could already monitor passwords and alert users if they’d been compromised, but with this latest upgrade, it can now lead users to the password change screen on the service they’re using.

Only a few sites are now supporting the new function, which is still in the pilot stage. However, Microsoft says it is working around the clock to make it ready for everyone, and an expansion is expected in the coming months.

“Should any of your saved credentials become compromised or need to be updated due to lack of strength/reused across multiple sites, you will now have the option to update passwords with just one click. Simply navigate to the Settings/Passwords page within Microsoft Edge and click on Change right next to the credentials you’d like to update,” Microsoft explains.

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“This will take you directly to the change password page of the account in question. And with password generator, Microsoft Edge will even create a brand new, strong password for you and save it to continue to monitor on your behalf. Easy update is only available across a limited number of sites to start, but we will be working diligently to expand this list in the coming months. This is just another way in which Microsoft Edge is the fast and secure browser that helps you save time and money.”

Rolling out with few sites supported

Microsoft Edge has become one of the most advanced browsers on the market, and the transition to the Chromium engine also allowed it to become a cross-platform application.

Just like Google Chrome, Edge is now available not only on Windows 10, but also on Windows 11 and Windows 8, with dedicated versions also aimed at macOS and Linux.

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The new password security feature will go live on all supported platforms, though as said, it will only support a handful of sites before it gets expanded to cover a bigger part of the Internet.


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