A Michigan woman’s good fortune earns her a $250,000 lottery prise.

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A Michigan woman who decided to try the state lottery’s KENO! game for the first time struck lucky and won the $250,000 jackpot.

The 69-year-old Monroe County woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told Michigan Lottery officials she decided to try KENO! for the first time during a recent visit to the Kroger store in Lambertville.

“My husband stopped to purchase a KENO! ticket while we were at the store,” the player recalled. “I had never played before, but I had a few dollars on me, so I decided to purchase a ticket too.

“I picked a special combination of numbers made up of birthdays, our kids ages, etc. and got my ticket.”

The woman said she was taken aback when her husband discovered her winning ticket.

“My husband came in the next day and told me I had won. I didn’t believe him until I checked the ticket and saw that I had matched all ten numbers. It was thrilling “She stated.

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The winner stated that she intends to use her winnings to pay bills, share with family, and save for retirement.



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