A Colorado town requests the return of a stolen phone booth.

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Residents of a small Colorado town are pleading for the return of a stolen phone booth that has stood in a public park for decades.

Vickie Cecil and Lanny Payne of Cope said the phone booth had been a major landmark in the town of about 56 people for about 50 years.

During its operational years, the booth was located outside of a Conoco gas station, but it later became an ornamental feature of Memorial Park after the station closed.

The residents said the booth didn’t have phone service, but often drew travelers who would pose for photos.

“We never hooked it up because the cost is — well, like you say, everybody’s got their cell phones today,” Payne, president of the Cope Recreation Club, told KUSA-TV.

Residents said the theft has been reported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

“It was just kind of a novelty. It’s just sad that somebody would, you know, take our little phone booth,” Payne said. “We thought that was a significant piece of our town history.”


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