7 Best Medical Records Apps For Android & iOS in Case of Emergencies

What happens when you need a medical emergency? You can’t trust yourself to produce all the records yourself because you are the one in need of assistance. While, you can always digitally store all your medical records or upload to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox, it’s much better to have a dedicated medical records app. It can store, organize, and make it easy to share records with your doctor. They also provide added features such as tracking your insurance policies, lab reports, blood group, vaccination, allergies, and much more.

Google discontinued Google Health a long time ago, and Microsoft’s Health Vault was discontinued in late 2019. So, if you are looking for alternative medical record apps, here is a list of the best medical records apps for Android and iOS users.

Medical Records Apps

1. Apple Health App

Apple has been focusing on the health industry for some time now. The health app and more recently, Apple Watch with built-in cardiogram features approved by the FDA says it all. The Health app comes pre-installed on all iPhones and iPads but is not available on Android, obviously. Apple Watch users can get a cardiogram done and store that data. Other examples include wearable tech tracking sleep cycles, sugar levels in the blood, and so on.

Apple Health also monitors how active you are, and sometimes, that data can also help the doctors.

apple health - medical records apps

The Medical ID is where you will record your name, age, sex, blood group, weight, height, and contact number of a friend or relative in case of an emergency. This medical ID will be accessible from the lock screen so doctors can access it without having to unlock your phone. That would waste more time. Other details you can include are medical conditions, allergies, medications you are taking, and notes. Want to be an organ donor? Sign up, in case you are met with an untimely death.


  • Option to record name, age, sex, blood group, etc
  • Syncs well with Apple Watch and maintains a record of your fitness activities
  • Medical ID can be accessed from the lock screen

2. GenieMD

Like Apple Health, GenieMD is free to download and use, but unlike the former, it is available on both Android and iOS devices. Worried about data security and privacy? GenieMD is a HIPAA compliant firm which means they are required by law to maintain the privacy of records collected from patients.

The iOS app of GenieMD is currently missing from the Apple Play Store.

There is a section to record your medical histories like cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose level, BPM, and medications that you are taking and medical conditions that you might have. One neat feature is that the app will remind you to take your pills, so you never forget to pop one. You can also track when was the last time you missed your medication, useful in detecting conditions and effects on health.

genieMD - medical records apps

One additional feature that I like is that I can also keep a record of all my doctors. In case of an emergency, the operating doctor can consult with your family doc to know more about your health history. Finally, you can set an emergency contact but the app details don’t appear on the lock screen.


  • HIPAA compliant app
  • Option to record your medical histories, medications, etc
  • Option to set pill reminders

Download GenieMD: Android | iOS


What’s even better than keeping records of your medical history like medications, conditions, and symptoms? A place to keep all your lab test reports. Imagine how useful will that be? MTBC PHR (Personal Health Record) is an app where you can upload and record lab reports, prescriptions, and medical conditions.

MTBC PHR is working with several health experts to let you schedule and manage appointments remotely. Have you ever claimed insurance? There is a record of all the past claims, handily available. They want to be a one-stop destination for all your medical needs like records, medications, prescriptions, appointments, reports, insurance, claims, and even payments. One of the best medical records app I have seen and tested.

mtbc-phr - medical records apps

I wish they had chosen an app name that was easier to remember and share with others. Overall, it’s a useful app that you need to have on your phone if you are serious about maintaining medical records on Android and iOS.


  • Additional ability to store medical lab records
  • Record appointments, documents, medications, etc
  • Maintains a record of your medical history

Download MTBC PHR: Android | iOS

4. MyChart

An app like MTBC PHR can be too much for someone who is looking for something simpler. What if I don’t want to share so much info with these medical records apps, or simply don’t have the time or the patience? MyChart is your app. In a toned-down approach, you can track your current conditions, medications that you are taking to tackle those conditions, and appointments if any.


These data points should be enough to help the doctors help you when you reach the hospital in an emergency. There is also an option to contact your physician from within the app. MyChart is one of the better medical records app for Android and iOS smartphones in the market right now.


  • Maintains a track of your blood pressure, weight, step count, etc
  • Represents data in an intuitive graph

Download MyChart: Android | iOS

5. My Medical

My Medical removes all the fuss and simply focuses on the medical records aspect. As such, you won’t find additional features that we earlier saw in the above apps. One key feature is the ability to maintain medical records of the entire family on a single app. Useful when someone in your family needs help and you have to produce medical records.


You can input all your medical conditions and medications here. The app will pull appointments from the calendar app if you wish. There are several templates you can use to input and save test results. One thing that you can’t do with the Apple Health app is to upload scans of important medical documents. My Medical will let you do that. It’s the only app on the list that is not free and will cost you $4.99.


  • Paid app around $4.99
  • Ability to maintain records of the entire family
  • Automatically syncs with phone calendar to record appointments

Download My Medical: Android | iOS

6. CareZone

CareZone is a medical record app for your entire family. Unlike MTBC PHR, it doesn’t let you store lab records. However, you can still store everything else from your medical prescriptions to medicines, dosage, and refill information. Instead of typing down medicine name, you can even scan your meds. Additionally, you can also set up reminders to take your meds.

My most favorite feature is the option to store multiple doctor contact information. Along with it, you can even configure your doctor’s appointment dates and refill dates. Moreover, it also lets you take quick journal notes during these appointments and keep track of your progress.

carezone - medical records apps


  • Scan and maintain a list of medications for your entire family
  • Maintain contact information and records of multiple doctors
  • Upload and back up photos

Download CareZone: Android | iOS

7. CapzulePHR

Similar to CarZone, CapzulePHR is an iOS exclusive medicine recording app for your family. But, in addition to medicines, it also lets you record your blood pressure level, temperature, and weight. It maintains a graph based on these data. Additionally, it’s the only third-party app in this list that can use biometrics. Basically, you can use Face ID to lock/unlock your data.

The most novel feature is a QR Code scanner which creates a summary of your entire medical report. So, anyone with a cam scanner can get your medical summary in seconds. Moreover, the app also supports backing up data to Dropbox and Google Drive.



  • Maintains a record of your medical health like blood pressure, weight, temperature, etc
  • Works well with Face ID to lock your personal data within the app

Download CapzulePHR (iOS)

Medical Records Apps

If you are an Apple user, Apple Health is a must even if you are using another app to maintain your medical records. It’s very popular, and probably the first app that doctors will check in case of an emergency. MTBC PHR is the most advanced and detailed medical records app that you can get that, and it’s available on both platforms. Other than that, you can try any of the other apps depending on your location and what you need it to do.

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