2023: According to a Nigerian doctor working in the United States, the opposition may turn to terror tactics against Obi.

According to Isa Brimah, a Nigerian medical practitioner living in the United States, opposition party candidates are frightened of Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate (LP).


Brimah stated this during an interview with 90Minutes Africa host Rudolf Okonkwo.


The doctor, who identified himself as a Yoruba native from Kwara state with Fulani ancestors, claimed that some politicians may use religion, ethnicity, and insecurity to prevent the LP presidential candidate from winning the 2023 election.

“Once they start to manipulate and play the religious and ethnic cards, I’m afraid what follows will be a resort to terrorism,” Brimah said.


“We have travelled this road many times before. They are attacking Obi because they know he is the front-runner, and that scares them.


“Obi’s campaign message is ‘take back your country’. Everywhere he goes, whether a church, school, or mosque, the message he preaches is ‘take back your country’.


“But his detractors have gotten so desperate that they are cutting clips and manipulating it. Nigerians should beware because after the manipulation fails, they may become more desperate and resort to terror tactics and start threatening people that if you continue this movement, we will kill you.


“I think it’s looking very good for Obi right now. If half of Nigerians are Christians, they should vote for him; non-fanatical Muslims will vote for him; people who just want change will vote for him; people who are tired of being killed by APC and PDP, that are tired of terrorism would vote for him; people who believe in fairness and equity that it should be the turn of the Igbo would vote for him.


“So, we have many classes of people that will vote for the Obi-Datti ticket.”

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