17-year-old girl in critical condition month after recovering from COVID

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Orion Raz, 17, was hospitalized in Hadassah-University Medical Center’s children’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) one month after recovering from the coronavirus. Orion suffered from a severe inflammatory syndrome that left her in critical condition, despite the fact that she had no preliminary coronavirus symptoms. Doctors in the children’s ICU rushed to her care, and her condition has since improved.

Hadassah Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus treated upwards of 35 children who have suffered from the same syndrome after recovering from COVID-19. Symptoms of the syndrome include severe stomach pain, fever, muscle pains, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Evidence indicates that the inflammatory syndrome is caused by the virus, and it can be deadly. The syndrome causes organs in the body to become inflamed, including the heart. In turn, heart function decreases and the children can suffer from swelling in the pulmonary muscles. This can even lead to shock, which presents itself as a significant drop in blood pressure.

Head of the children’s ICU department in Hadassah-Mount Scopus, Dr. Rebecca Brooks warned, “we are talking about a syndrome that can be life threatening, because it affects the heart. The children arrive very ill, with symptoms of shock, and most are hospitalized in the ICU.”

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Brooks adds that “with quick diagnosis and treatment, they can recover completely!”

She and other doctors in the department wish to convey to the public that it is more important than ever to get vaccinated, because these children cannot and their lives are in danger. Furthermore, parents and medical professionals must be aware of the condition and be on the lookout, because many don’t have any symptoms when they first catch the virus.

Orion’s mother, Dana, had no idea her daughter was suffering from a syndrome the coronavirus caused.

“We were all sick. As parents we were hit hard, but Orion was only mildly sick,” she explained.

One month after having the coronavirus, Orion felt severe stomach pains, which at first she attributed to a stomach bug. However when the pain worsened, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with the inflammatory syndrome.

Professor Yakov Barkon, head of the children’s ward in Hadassah-Mount Scopus said, “Orion received immediate anti-inflammatory treatment” upon her arrival in critical condition. He added that “in some cases, there is a need for anticoagulants due to over clotting and treatment for low blood pressure.”

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To date, Orion is recovering in the hospital. She can now get out of bed and walk, but she is still very weak and pale.

Orion is planning to take her matriculation exams and begin a premilitary preparatory program before serving in the IDF. For now though, she must focus on her road to a full recovery.


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