15-year-old indicted for setting fire to a bus during Bnei Brak riots

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“We will break her door. I swear on my mother, I am going to make such a mess for her, and you’re coming with me tomorrow,” the defendant said of the woman who took the arson video.

A bus is torched by haredi protesters in Bnei Brak, January 24, 2021 (Credit: MDA)

His indictment details one count of arson, two counts of recklessness and negligence with fire, one count of obstruction of justice and two counts of causing malicious damage.

According to the indictment, filed by Advocate Zofia Taitz, police attempts to enforce the nationwide lockdown regulations in Bnei Brak led to many demonstrations in the city, which included riots, arson, and violent clashes between civilians and police, in which the defendant took an active role.

Among other things, according to the indictment, the teenager set fire to a trash can, lit fireworks and directed them towards the street, ripped a fire extinguisher off of a bus which had been blocked by the crowd and used it to spray the inside of the bus.

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In addition, after a video was published documenting the arson, the defendant sent an audio recording to his friend who was with him during the arson, in which he arranged for them to come to the house of the woman who filmed the video and spray graffiti on her house the following day.

Among other things, the defendant said in the recording that “We will break her door. I swear on my mother, I am going to make such a mess for her, and you’re coming with me tomorrow.”


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