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A suspect in the assault of an influential South Korean YouTuber who specializes in cryptocurrency investing has been arrested, as police search for a second suspect who may have fled the country.

The suspect, only identified by his surname Park, is a man in his 40s who attacked the social media influencer on Thursday in an apartment elevator in Seoul, Yonhap reported Monday.

Police arrested Park on Saturday at a subway station. On Monday, Park Jung-gil, deputy chief justice at Seoul Eastern District Court, said a warrant has been issued for the man's arrest, citing concerns the suspect could try to flee the country, according to the report.

During a court appearance on Monday, the suspect appeared in a face mask and a cap to conceal his identity. He did not respond to reporters who asked him whether his crime was motivated by possible investment losses in cryptocurrency.

The suspect did say he is "sorry," and that he committed wrongdoing.

His accomplice, identified as a man in his 50s, may have fled for Hong Kong following the attack. The suspect may have traveled to Australia, Newsis reported.

South Korea police say they are working with Interpol to apprehend the fugitive.

Police also say the suspects premeditated their crime, spraying surveillance cameras in the elevator and planning their escape routes.

The victim suffered a head injury and is convalescing at home after a brief hospitalization. According to reports, his injuries are not life threatening.

The victim, who has asked to not be identified, runs a cryptocurrency firm in Korea, and operates a YouTube channel on virtual coins. The channel has more than 60,000 subscribers, according to Newsis.
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