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Sep 4, 2019

Australian accused after man dies as wine bottle thrown from Singapore apartment

An Australian man is accused of killing a man who died when he was hit by a bottle of wine allegedly thrown from the seventh storey of a high rise apartment in Singapore.

The bottle landed on the head of a delivery driver, who was at a barbeque below surrounded by friends and family.

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Andrew Gosling has been charged in Singapore with the unusual - perhaps even globally unique - offence that locals call 'killer-litter crime'.

Gosling, a contractor to multinational firm Orica, is accused of having thrown a wine bottle from the seventh level of a 35-storey apartment in Spottiswoode Park, Singapore.
Couldn't be saved

The bottle hit 74-year-old delivery driver Nasiari Sunee on the head.

He'd been attending a BBQ with family and friends - one was a nurse - but he couldn't be saved.

Police went door to door at the apartment block - showing residents a picture of the Italian wine bottle and asking if they'd been drinking and were willing to provide fingerprint samples.

Officers arrested Gosling last Wednesday and charged him with "a rash act causing death".

Locally, it's called 'killer-litter crime'.

Last year, more than 434 cases of high-rise littering were reported - the last fatal incident was in 2014.

If convicted, Gosling can be jailed for up to five years and fined.
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