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Apr 10, 2019

WikiLeaks: Ecuadorian Embassy spied on Julian Assange

According to WikiLeaks, the organization’s founder — Julian Assange — has been the target of intense surveillance during his time at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
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During a press conference Wednesday, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson said the spying included audio, video and voice recordings. He compared the situation to a “Truman Show”-type of existence, and said it was part of an effort to pressure Assange into leaving the embassy.

“It entails a total invasion of privacy of Mr. Assange and what we have established is that security cameras were used to monitor his every move, his every meeting with visitors,” stated Hrafnsson.

Some of the surveillance equipment is said to have been installed in the past year, following the election of a new government in Ecuador.

Spanish authorities are continuing to investigate the situation.

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