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Apr 5, 2019

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play sleepers blamed for 10 infant deaths

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Federal officials issued a warning Friday blaming a Fisher-Price sleeper for 10 infant deaths over the past four years.The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price said parents should not put infants older than 3 months in the Rock 'n Play Sleeper because they can roll over in the device if unrestrained.All of the deaths occurred with infants older than 3 months.Fisher-Price called the deaths "an unimaginable tragedy.""Fisher-Price and every one of our employees take the responsibility of being part of your family seriously, and we are committed to earning that trust every day," the company said.Fisher-Price did not issue a recall for the sleepers.The CPSC said parents should never add blankets, pillows, stuffed toys or other items to places where babies sleep -- cribs, bassinets, play pens or inclined sleepers.

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