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Apr 3, 2019

5 stabbed in U.K. knife rampage

Officials in the U.K. are warning residents to “stay vigilant” in the midst of several knife attacks across the country.

A forensics team is scanning the blood-stained street for evidence, while police struggle to name a suspect in the aftermath of a 14-hour stabbing spree that began in Edmonton Saturday morning. The violence sent four people to the hospital and left a 45-year-old-woman fighting for her life.

While Prime Minister Theresa May took a break from Brexit to visit families of the victims, local police assured the public an investigation is underway.

“The actions of the suspect, the fact that the incidents are in a similar area, and the descriptions given mean that we are potentially only looking for one individual perpetrator,” stated Helen Millichap, superintendent – Metropolitan Police chief.

Nearly 15,000 knife-related incidents are reported each year in the U.K.’s capitol alone. Labor group leaders blame a lack of funding for youth services, insisting that London’s criminals are born from an unnurtured generation.

“We’re clearly seeing more young people carrying knives, thinking it will make them safer,” said Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police commissioner. “People are deeply concerned with their children going on the streets.”

According to officials, teachers will soon be held accountable for failing to report any students acting in a suspicious manner. This new proposal will go into effect when schools in the London suburb are no longer in “lockdown mode.”https://www.geezgo.com/sps/55846

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