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Feb 12, 2019

How you can finally get money out of playing Fortnite

Fortnite has barely been around for a year but you gamers have already made it one of the biggest games on the market. Having drawn in more than 125 million players in that single year it’s been around, the Battle Bus has gotten pretty crowded. But that’s a good thing, especially on Battle Royale where it’s great to have the variety of competition in a match of 100 players.

Honestly, how could Fortnite get any better? Well, obviously developers are always asking themselves that same question and are sure to introduce new game elements that will keep it fresh and exciting even for you hardened veterans. But there’s another way to enhance your time playing Fortnite: how about making money while you do it?

BUFF is a seamless platform integrated into Fortnite that rewards you with BUFF coins just for taking down husks or your human opponents as you normally would. Just enjoy the game, BUFF does the rest. You get coins for unlocking achievements, winning matches, leveling up or even just playing for certain amount of time.

And why do you want BUFF coins? Because they are more than just an in-game credit. BUFF coins are part of a full-fledged cryptocurrency ecosystem. That means while you can feel free to spend them all in Fortnite, they can be spend in any other BUFF-integrated game as well, or even exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and cash!

BUFF also offers an entire store of virtual goods where you can use the coins you earned in game to buy all kinds of special items for the games you love most, especially Fortnite.

Compare BUFF to an airline loyalty program of points or frequent flyer miles. You can accrue all kinds of perks just for sitting patiently in your airplane seat like you would have to do anyway. BUFF is the gaming industry’s very own loyalty program. Never before has gaming been so rewarding or self-sustaining. Just wait until you tell people you’re earning money while gaming — they won’t be telling you to get away from the screen anymore.

The very first BUFF coins are about to be released on a public sale called an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). That’s a form of crowdfunding where you can purchase a lump sum of BUFF coins to get you started and by doing so support BUFF’s growth and integration into more of your favorite gaming titles.

With BUFF you can even become a vendor of virtual goods by buying them in bulk from BUFF’s store and reselling them. There’s a new world of opportunity awaiting you through BUFF, so what are you waiting for? Join BUFF or join over 10,000 others at their official Telegram group .

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