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Jan 27, 2019

Tongans urged to stop using social media

There is a call for Tongans to stop trying to use social media so essential services can stay connected.

While Tonga has partially restored phone and internet services after the cutting of two cables a week ago, capacity is just a fraction of what was previously available.

A director of Tonga Cable Ltd, Paul Piukala, said a ship is due later today or tomorrow at the site near Tongatapu where the breaks occurred and he hopes the severed cables can be repaired in a week.

Mr Piukala said access could now be blocked to social media users.

"If it comes down to blocking, temporary blocking of those services - and [allowing] only critical services for government transactions, and banking transactions and airline transactions and stuff like that."

He drew an analogy to someone on a desert island wanting an ice cream.

"To allow essential services, like I say it doesn't really make sense to anybody to be stranded and harping about having an ice cream."

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