Police: Four found 'executed' in basement in Philadelphia - Kogonuso


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Nov 19, 2018

Police: Four found 'executed' in basement in Philadelphia

On Monday morning, Ross said police were called to check on the welfare of people at the house.

Because their hands and feet were not bound or tied, police believe that the victims were led into the basement. In addition, there were no obvious signs of a struggle inside the home.

Ross said a neighbor reported hearing a couple of "bangs" around 10 or 11 p.m. Sunday, and assumed the sounds were related to the upstairs renovation.

The house was bought by $3 by Alice Jones on Aug. 19, 2009, according to property records.

"What troubles me as much as anything else, that in the United States of America, this type of gun violence persists," Ross said. "I just have to believe we have the wherewithal and the resources to do more than we're doing."


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