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Nov 1, 2018

Man uses teeth to pull 677-ton cargo ship

A Ukrainian strongman nicknamed "Tug-Tooth" set a national record, and possibly a world record, by pulling a 677-ton cargo ship with his teeth.

Lviv native Oleg "Tug-Tooth" Skavych pulled the cargo ship Vereshchagino a distance of more than 52 feet to set what officials declared was a national record.

The feat also surpasses the current Guinness World Record, set by Russian Omar Hanapiev, who used his teeth to pull a 635-ton cargo ship a distance of just under 50 feet in 2001.

Officials said Skavych's attempt has been submitted to Guinness.

Skavych previously set a Guinness World Record when he used his teeth to pull a 21.5-ton tram a distance of 22.3 feet.

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