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Oct 2, 2018

Phil Goff: Police aren't doing enough to stop red light runners

Auckland's mayor has hit out at the police for not doing enough to reduce the road toll in Auckland, as footage emerges of cars repeatedly ignoring red lights at an Auckland intersection.

The pictures were captured by cameras that are part of Auckland Transport's high tech surveillance system and presented at an Auckland Council meeting today.

One shot showed schoolchildren stepping out to cross as a car whizzed through a pedestrian crossing.

Mayor Phil Goff told the meeting Auckland's road toll was increasing as police traffic enforcement was decreasing.

He had written to Police Minister Stuart Nash and Auckland Transport.

"We need to put pressure on at all levels. If we are actually to reduce the deaths and injuries on the roads we need to have a fit for purpose system," he said

"Currently, not at our end, but at the police end, it appears not be fit for purpose and that has to change."

Auckland Transport monitored an intersection in Albert Street and found more than 1600 people a month - or 53 a day - ran red lights.

But it had no power to issue tickets, because only the police could do that.

Councillor Chris Darby said Auckland ratepayers paid for traffic safety cameras for the police to operate so they could issue tickets.

But he was worried that they were not always monitored.

"If they are not operating at maximum, 100 percent, capacity then we need to know because we have funded Auckland Transport to operate 12 cameras not to operate some cameras," he said.

Auckland Transport technology manager Chris Creighton said the organisation had considered contacting the red light runners to let them know they have been captured on camera in the hope that may deter them.

Police spokesperson Peter McKennie said they had an agreement with Auckland Transport to monitor six cameras at any given time.

Police were working hard to reduce the road toll and the two organisations would continue to work together on "enforcement and future opportunities," he said in a statement.

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