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Oct 9, 2018

Finance Minister 's red line with regards to Netanyahu serving

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon made clear Tuesday evening that he would not agree to a situation in which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would continue to serve if an indictment was filed against him.

"A prime minister under indictment and subject to a hearing cannot function - that's why I do not need him," Kahlon said in an interview with the Israel Television News Company economic program.

The finance minister made it clear that he would not allow the prime minister to face an indictment in the morning and to run the cabinet in the evening.

Last night, in was reported that Netanyahu might ask the Knesset to maintain his immunity from an indictment. Netanyahu said at a press conference: "I do not think this question will be practical, before I can even discuss it and examine it."

"I do not think I will need to ask for immunity because I believe that no indictment will be filed against me," the prime minister added.

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