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Oct 12, 2018

Cooler Master launches a Kickstarter for the 'ControlPad,' an analog gaming keypad

The first ControlPads are expected to ship in 2019
By Cohen Coberly,
Something to look forward to: If you thought Wooting was the only keyboard maker working on analog keyboard tech, think again. Cooler Master just launched a Kickstarter for the ControlPad, a 24-key analog keypad that promises to offer a similar experience.

If you've never heard of an analog keyboard before, it's probably because very few companies have created them. Wooting, to my knowledge, was the first to do so with their Wooting one and Wooting two keyboards (I reviewed the former a couple months back).

For the unaware, analog keyboard tech (when used for gaming) boasts smoother, console-like character movement. For example, you can more easily keep pace with a slower NPC without the need to constantly stop and wait for them to catch up.

Cooler Master wants to set itself apart from Wooting by adding "dedicated keycap sets" into the mix. These sets will each contain stylized keycaps with different colors and symbols, designed for use in various applications or application categories (FPS games and, say, Photoshop).

If the ControlPad sounds like your cup of tea, you can pledge to the project on Kickstarter for an "Early Bird" price of $75. The Early Bird funding tier will give you the ControlPad itself, a "keycap puller," an exclusive "goodie pack," and an extra keycap set of your choosing. As of writing, Cooler Master has managed to raise around $4,500, with 44 days to go, so it's looking pretty likely that they'll reach their $50,000 funding goal.

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