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Sep 26, 2018

Why You Should Not Drink Water While Standing ?

Haven’t you heard your parents constantly telling you to sit down while drinking water? You might feel irritated thinking that they have too many things to say. Well, you better start listening to them now because there are health implications if you drink water while standing.
Negative Impact on Kidneys

When we stand up & drink water, it flows with a great volume down the food canal & splashes on to the lower stomach wall. The splash actually damages the stomach wall & the nearby organs. Over a long-term, it even disturbs the overall digestive system. It has been found that our kidneys filter better while sitting. Water intake while standing passes the water with a push without much filtration. It causes the impurities to gather in blood or bladder leading to damage to kidneys.

In fact, drinking water while standing doesn’t even quench your thirst as it doesn’t settle in the liver to let it distribute nutrients to several parts of the body. It just comes down with force & speed & causes harm to the drinker.

Drinking water while standing also disturbs the bodily balance of other fluids. It affects the joints & cause deficiency of nutrients in joints leading to arthritis.
Even Ayurveda says so

As per Ayurveda too, one must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day & that too while sitting down.

So, make it a point to drink water while sitting down, not for your parents but for your own health. Your parents will also feel ki ” Tumne unka kehna maan liya ” for a change.

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