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Sep 27, 2018

'Super Mario Bros.' speed record broken with 4:55 finish time

An expert video game speed-runner shared video of his record-breaking Super Mario Bros. session, which he completed in 4 minutes, 55 seconds.

The streamer, who goes by the name Kosmic, posted a video to his YouTube channel showing him finishing the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System game in 4 minutes, 55 seconds and 913 milliseconds.

The run beat Kosmic's own record of 4 minutes, 56 minutes and 245 milliseconds.

The player's latest record nearly ties the theoretical fastest time to beat the game, 4 minutes, 54 seconds and 30 milliseconds.

Mario speed-runner AndrewG became the first player to finish the game in under 5 minutes with a 2010 speedrun.

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