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Sep 25, 2018

Nvidia to Launch GeForce RTX 2070 on October 17

Nvidia just announced on Twitter that the new Turing architecture GeForce RTX 2070 will be released on October 17 and will start at $499, with the Founders Edition going up to $599.

As detailed by Nvidia on the graphics card's landing page, the new GeForce RTX cards are powered by the all-new RTX platform and built using the Turing GPU.

In theory, this should provide up to 6X the performance of all previous-generation Nvidia graphics cards and bring powerful AI enhanced graphics and the power of real-time ray tracing to your games for hyper-realistic graphics.

Customers can choose to be notified when the GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition will be available for purchase by clicking the "Notify Me" button on the card's landing page and jotting in their e-mail, age and location.

The GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition is a factory overclocked version of the card with a next-gen 6-phase power supply designed to get the maximum performance out of the GPU.

"The Founders Edition is a factory overclocked version with 13-blade dual-axial fans for cooling"

Furthermore, Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition graphics card also features a vapor chamber combined with 13-blade dual-axial fans for keeping the chip as cool as possible and for silent operation.

Nvidia's Turing-based GPUs come with high-level shading technologies, more efficient and flexible than ever before which, combined with GDDR6 the fasted memory available at the moment, will enable gamers to play any game with the highest possible frame rates and maxed-out graphics settings.

The GeForce RTX 2070 has built-in support for DIRECTX 12's all-new rendering techniques and visual effects, and it makes it possible to enjoy 4K gaming with realistic graphics and in fantastic detail.

According to Nvidia's Turing promotion page, all new NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture graphics cards which use the company's RTX platform are designed to provide their users with a combination of artificial intelligence, real-time ray tracing, and programmable shading which should provide them with an entirely new gaming experience.

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