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Trump is going to slap tariffs on another $US16 billion worth of Chinese goods — here's the full list of goods that will get hit

The Trump administration announced the second tranche of tariffs on Chinese goods will go into effect August 23.
The tariffs will hit $US16 billion worth of Chinese goods coming into the US.
The goods are mostly industrial products ranging from chemicals to tractors.
Here’s the full list of goods that will be hit.

The second tranche of President Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods will go into effect August 23, according to the administration, and the restrictions will hit a slew of items.

The final list of goods released by the US Trade Representative will apply to roughly $US16 billion worth of items coming into the US, bringing the total amount of Chinese goods subject to the Section 301 tariffs up to $US50 billion.

The tariffs are designed to avoid consumer goods, instead focusing on machinery, chemicals, and other industrial items. In particular, the USTR has said that the list is supposed to hit industries identified in Beijing’s Made in China 2025 plan. The plan is designed to help boost Chinese businesses in certain high-growth industries like tech and manufacturing.

Despite the focus on industrial goods, many economists say that the increased costs for American manufacturers will eventually be passed down to consumers in the form of higher prices.

While businesses had the chance to comment on the initial list, released in July, there are only five items that were ultimately dropped from the original. Those items that were spared from the tariffs are:

Alginic acid
Machines for splitting or slicing wood, cork, bone, or similar hard materials
Floating docks
Intermodal shipping containers

Here’s some of the major categories to be hit with the new tariff:

Lubricating oils
Polymers used in things such as clear plastic wrap and Styrofoam coolers
Resins and other industrial chemicals
Plastic tubes and pipes
Plates, sheets, film, foil, and strips of various plastics and polymers
Bridges or bridge parts made of iron or steel
Engines for industrial equipment
Agricultural equipment such as irrigation systems and seeders
Specialty motor vehicles
Measuring equipment for everything from electrical currents to liquid supply

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