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Aug 8, 2018

Police rescue Indonesian woman held captive for 15 years

Police have rescued a 28-year-old Indonesian woman who was held captive in a cave for 15 years.

"We found the victim in a gap between rocks," Tolitoli Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. M. Iqbal Alqudusy told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.

Police said they found the woman, identified as HS, in a crevice behind several large rocks near Galumpang village, Tolitoli regency, Central Sulawesi, after they received a report that an 83-year-old village shaman, or healer, named Jago was hiding her.

Authorities found the woman in a cave that measured around 3 by 5 feet.

Police are investigating further, but suspect the woman was held as a sex slave.

Since the woman was only 13 when she was captured in 2003, suspect Jago faces charges of threatening, forcing or deceiving children to participate in fornication, which carries a 15-year prison sentence.

Police allege the victim was forced to stay in the cave during the day and brought to the shaman's house at night.

"The victim seems to have been brainwashed, making her afraid to run away and afraid to meet other people because she was being watched by a jin," a local resident named Sugeng told the Post.

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