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Aug 11, 2018

Hamas arrested Salafi cell suspected of Grad missile launch

Hamas arrested a Salafi cell in Gaza due to suspicion that it is responsible for the launch of a Grad missile towards Beersheba, which they believe lead to the unplanned, severe deterioration in the last round. At the end of this last round, the IAF destroyed a multi-story building in Gaza town.

The first publication of this finger-pointing was published in Ma'ariv. On Thursday a source in the Gaza strip stated that "the war room incorporating within it all of the Palestinian factions fervently denied the missile launch in the direction of Beersheba. They know that if a central city is under attack, it is an announcement of war. As it seems, a Salafi organization that is not Hamas's responsibility launched the rocket."

Ma'ariv was notified that since the missile launch at the Negev's capital, Hamas opened an intense investigation in order to discover who is responsible for the missile launch. Today, it became known that members of the cell have been arrested, around three to four suspects. The cell's organization has not been announced in suspicion that they are responsible for the launch.

The source from the Strip stressed that it has not been made clear which organization the cell belongs to and that they are checking the suspicion that the members of the cell "are used by Israeli agents." With that, the possibility that it is a revenge attack by Hamas is not dismissed because the members of the Salafi organization are being chased by security forces of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and they are often arrested by them.

There are Salafi people in all of the Palestinian factions that are recognized as "light." However, there is a group that did not recognize the authority of the organization in power in the Strip.

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