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Aug 10, 2018

Aerosmith planning Las Vegas residency, Joe Perry says

Aerosmith is planning a Las Vegas residency for 2019, guitarist Joe Perry said this week on SiriusXM's Beatles channel.

"We're going to be doing a residency in Vegas starting next spring," Perry said, according to

"What we want to do is something that I haven't seen before... just downsizing our live show, just playing in a smaller place. We want to do something different. We're in the middle of the production now. What we're talking about is having an experience that you wouldn't be able to see on a regular Aerosmith tour."

The famous rock band, which was formed in 1970, was in the news for another reason, too, Friday.

History channel announced American Pickers stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz had recently been called out to identify a wreck of an old van from the 1970s that was found in the wooded area of someone's property in Massachusetts. It turned out the vehicle had belonged to Aerosmith when the group was starting out.

Former guitarist Ray Tabano, one of the founding members of Aerosmith, confirmed the van was the one the musicians used in their early days.

The Pickers stars bought the vehicle from the current property owner for $25,000.

"We just got a piece of American rock 'n' roll history!" Wolfe said.

"Confirmed & true!" bassist Tom Hamilton wrote, retweeting a report about the discovery of the van.

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