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Jul 13, 2018

The most famous kriptovalyutnye indexes and how to work with them

When choosing cryptocurrency for long-term investments, in addition to carrying out its own analysis, and should definitely familiarize yourself with kriptovalyutnymi indices. They help in the formation of ideas about the general dynamics and mood quotations cryptocurrency investors without having to learn each cryptocurrency separately.

This instrument came into kriptoprostranstvo from traditional investment: index shows the ratio of one currency to another, or to a range of currencies. Thus, the indexDXY It shows the dollar against a basket of six currencies: the euro, yen, pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona and Swiss franc.

Cryptocurrency indices based on market capitalization and are reviewed once a day, week, month or quarter. Investors can invest in the proposed index portfolio cryptocurrency, thereby saving time and money.

Known kriptovalyutnye indexes


Bit20 - kriptovalyutny Exchange index fund BitShares, created with the use of so-called smartkoinovThat are 100% or more of the same name internal currency backed BitShares platform - BTS and at any moment can be converted to it. "In all but the most extreme market conditions, smartkoiny guaranteed to be worth at least a nominal price," -stateson the official website of the index fund. This index includes the 20 largest companies by capitalization cryptocurrency except Rippl. The creators decided that Ripple is not truly decentralized blokcheynom, and expelled him from Bit20. 21 of each monthBit20 launches an algorithm that calculates the index, including new positions in it and counting the ratio of the existing ones.


CAMCrypto30 index released kriptovalyutnym investment fund Crypto Asset ManagementTim Enneking. The index was based on stock indexes, the Russell 2000 and the FTSE 100 index, and is calculated based on the 30 largest by market capitalization cryptocurrency. Index rebalancing takes place on a monthly basis to take account of price fluctuations in the basket crypto assets, and the price is recalculated every 5 minutes. For third-party sites on the official web page is also available built a widget that allows you to track the index data online.


CCI30 (CryptoCoin Index) Index was launched in October 2017 a team of experts headed by Igor Rivin - Professor of Mathematics at Temple University and Royal Professor of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews. Also in its creation was attended by Carlo Shevola - a specialist in the field of legal and financial consulting services, and Robert Davis - Engineer, IT-expert and programmer. The index includes 30 cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, where each of the crypto assets assigned weight. Full conversion of the components of the index basket CCI30 occur on a quarterly basis, while the components of the weight is recalculated each month. CCI30 index allows you to create a balanced portfolio, maximizing profit and minimizing risk and volatility. In this regard, the fund is now used CCI30Cryptos Fund for passive tracking cryptocurrency quotations.


CRIX (CRyptocurrency IndeX) - one of the first kriptovalyutnyh indices. It was launched in mid-2016 Singapore Management University, together with the Department of Statistics Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz at the Humboldt University in Berlin, using data provided by CoinGecko. CRIX uses the weighted average market system and includes 20 cryptocurrency that were selected statistical method in terms of market capitalization. Their weight is recalculated in real time. Index feature is that it includes the methodological basis for the calculations, which is in the public domain. With its use of several scientific works on the economy has been written.


CRYPTO20 - is first tokenized hybrid index fund comprising 20 cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization and balance with weekly revision. This index fund has its own tokenC20Which is an investor in proportion CRYPTO20. Buying this token, investors have also invested in cryptocurrency represented in the index. Maximum weight element index basket CRYPTO20 - 10%.


DLT10 is also one of the first index cryptocurrency. It was created DLT Financial Group and the London-finteh Tramonex company in September 2016. The index includes the top 10 cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization and is recalculated on a weekly basis, at 17:00 London time. DLT10 provides the necessary information value and interaction between major cryptocurrency market.

HOLD 10 Index

Company Bitwise Asset Management at the end of 2017 launched a HOLD 10 - managed index fund from 10 cryptocurrency based on their market capitalization. Each of cryptocurrency represented in the index should be traded on several exchanges, her monthly trading volumes should exceed 30% of the proposals in the past three months, and this should have cryptocurrency freely floating exchange rate and not be tied to other assets. The Fund monitors and weighs course Top 10 cryptocurrency, adjusted for inflation, the market capitalization, taking into account the graphics proposals for the next five years. Revision of the list of the coin is made monthly. according topublished information for the first two months of the HOLD 10 Index brought investors 45% of the profits.

ICEX Top10

ICEX Top10 Index was developed by a team of developers from Russia and the CIS countries at the end of 2017. It consists of an equal share of the 10 largest in terms of capitalization and liquidity cryptocurrency. At the same capitalization kriptovalyutnogo asset should not be less than $ 500 million, and the average total daily volume of trading in all markets must be at least $ 10 million over the last seven days. At the same time bids of selected coins should be carried out on five or more sites. Changing the ICEX-10 index of top value comes with each new transaction on the trading floors. In addition, for each coin to be included in the ICEX-10 index of top, a separate index is calculated.


DCI and DCI50 - cryptocurrency indices and tokens DeCenter. They were launched January 1, 2015, and work on the same principle as the stock indexes. DCIIt includesa 10 cryptocurrency and tokens with the largest market capitalization, while DCI50, also known as altkoinov index includes 50 cryptocurrency except for Bitcoins. List cryptocurrency recalculated on a quarterly basis, and it accepted cryptocurrency and tokens with the highest market capitalization in the preceding 90-day period. The initial value of each index was equal to $ 1000 and converted into Bitcoin divided equally between coins 10 and 50, respectively. Bitcoin price as of January 1, 2015 was $ 314.15, and the value of each index was equal to 3.18 Bitcoins.

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