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Jul 19, 2018

The Chase fans roast contestant after he takes £2 offer

A contestant on The Chase got on the wrong side of viewers earlier this week, after taking an offer of £2 and being rewarded for it.

Shane was offered the paltry amount by Mark 'The Beast' Labbett after accumulating £2,000 during the Cash Builder round. He made it back to his team successfully, and then claimed his share of the overall prize pot of £7,000, taking home £2,334 following the team's victory in the Final Chase.

But it wasn't just going for the low offer that caused some viewers to complain. Shane was unapologetic about what he was doing, and had even encouraged his fellow team members earlier to consider the higher offers.

"I'll be disliked by everyone, but I've got to give myself the best chance," he said.

"What?!" host Bradley Walsh said.

"It's a smart move and I'm not surprised, but why on earth did you waste all our time with all that talk when you were never going near the high offer?" the Beast responded to Shane's decision. "Why didn't you just admit that you were going low and be proud of it? People would respect you for that."

Shane replied: "You want the other people to do well, and I can come in and get home."

"So he's a good team player..." the Beast sarcastically said.

"They're not my best friends. They're team members," Shane said.

Social media had fun painting Shane as the villain. "Shane somehow answering less questions correctly than the number of pounds he bought back," said one viewer.

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