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Samsung is offering a discounted Chromebook with unlocked Galaxy S9

If you’re not interested in the upcoming Note 9 and instead want to purchase either the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, you’ll get $200 in savings on a new Chromebook if you buy from the company directly.

Paying full price for either unlocked phone will knock a nice chunk of change off of any Chromebook. (That makes its Chromebook 3 essentially free.) If you’d rather have something that’s a little more feature-packed and powerful, like the Chromebook Plus or Chromebook Pro, this sizable discount brings them down to budget Chromebook pricing.

It’s likely that you can find the S9 for a cheaper price outside of Samsung’s online store, but this deal is still plenty appealing if you’re sold on the idea of a free (or heavily marked-down) Chromebook with your new smartphone.

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