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Postal worker and mother-of-two, 63, is found dead in her sweltering mail truck in 117-degree California heat


A US Postal worker was found dead on Friday in her mail truck while on her route in suburban Los Angeles, where temperatures soared past 115 degrees.

Peggy Frank, a 63-year-old mother-of-two and a grandmother, had worked for the US Postal Service for 28 years and was just a couple of years shy of retirement.

Friday was her first day back on the job after spending two months at home recovering from a broken ankle.

Frank was discovered unresponsive inside her sweltering USPS truck in the 4800 block of Calderon Road in Woodland Hills at around 3pm.

Paramedics who were summoned to the scene attempted to revive her, but she could not be resuscitated and was pronounced dead at 3.35pm.

Temperatures that day reached 117 degrees. USPS mail delivery trucks are not equipped with air conditioners.

As of Tuesday morning, Frank's cause of death has not been determined, but her sister, Lynn Calkins, believes extreme heat was possibly to blame for her passing.

‘They need to start caring about their people a little bit more,’ she told KTLA, referring to the USPS.

A spokesperson for the federal agency said 'the safety of employees is always a priority.'

Mail carriers are always reminded to keep hydrated, wear weather-appropriate attire, bring along plenty of water and ice, and stay in the shade.

Frank's son said his mother suffered a heat stroke in May 2017 during a heatwave

Friday was Frank's first day back on the job after spending two months at home with a broken ankle; she was just a couple years away from retirement

Frank was remembered by her colleagues as a hard worker who always maintained a cheerful disposition and never complained, according to Los Angeles Daily News.

She is survived by her two grown sons and multiple grandchildren.

Lynn Calkins, the deceased postal worker’s sister, now wants the USPS to make changes in order to protect their employees from a similar fate going forward.

‘I want them to realize what it's like and they need to do something,’ she said in an interview with Fox LA.


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