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PE teacher who had an affair with a school deputy principal is beaten by her husband after he heard her on the phone to her lover and uncovered explicit images

A married PE teacher who had an affair with a school deputy principal was beaten by her husband after he heard her on the phone to her lover.

The deputy principal, referred to as Mr E, and PE teacher, known as Ms R, were fired last year after her husband filed a complaint with the NSW Education Department alleging his wife had been sexually harassed by her lover, the Courier Mail reported.

Mr E contested the firing, but documents reveal a judge upheld the dismissal because there was sufficient evidence to suggest a sexual relationship had occurred.

Ms R's husband had become irate after overhearing an intimate conversation between the lovers, according to Mr E's unfair dismissal application.

He then attacked the PE teacher after finding naked pictures and flirty emails she had exchanged with Mr E, according to documents.

The husband was charged with common assault and issued with an apprehended violence order.

Ms R said her husband demanded to know where the deputy principal lived and urged her to tell police her lover had tried to rape her.

'He has seen all the pictures that you sent me and the ones I sent you. He is very angry and I don't know what he is going to do. He is very jealous and angry. I had to call the cops. He bashed me. There were eight cop cars here last night,' the woman said, according to documents filed by the deputy principal.

Despite investigators finding there was no basis for the sexual harassment claims, Commissioner John Murphy dismissed the application for unfair dismissal last week.

Mr Murphy concluded Mr E 'deliberately failed to disclose the nature of his relationship when he was the convener of the selection panel' considering Ms R for a senior position.

It was also alleged that Ms R sent nude photos of herself to two other teachers - some taken on school grounds - and Mr E failed to address their complaints.

'The applicant participated in the selection process to the advantage of Ms R and to the disadvantage of the other two applicants,' Mr Murphy said.

'In addition, it is my finding that the applicant failed to take appropriate action to address the complaints that Ms R sent photos of herself naked to Mr M and Mr V and took photos of herself naked while on the school site during school hours, and that his failure in this regard was directly attributable to the relationship that he had, or was forming with, Ms R.'

Mr Murphy said the misconduct was 'sufficiently serious to justify the termination of his employment' and therefore was not unjust.

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