Katie Price’s ‘decrepit’ £2 million mansion appears in ruins amid ‘banktrupcy’ - Kogonuso


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Jul 31, 2018

Katie Price’s ‘decrepit’ £2 million mansion appears in ruins amid ‘banktrupcy’

Katie Price’s once glittery £2 million West Sussex mansion now appears in ruins with the star admitting her house has got out of control and she needed a ‘DIY man’ to help clean it all up.

Now aerial shots of the property show the extent of the mess, with abandoned grounds and bags of rubbish littering the once grand manor.

The 40-year-old bought the pile in 2014 not long after marrying Kieran Hayler. Now though, with reports suggesting she is on the brink of bankruptcy and the upkeep of such an estate not cheap, it has unfortunately fallen into disrepair.
While there is a patch of grass near her children’s playset that looks lush and green, to the right of that is a sinister looking pool that appeared to have evaded the pool cleaner as of late.

Instead, pipes are seen floating on the top of the surface of the algae-green pool, which once upon a time was blue and healthy.

Below that, her stables appeared to be devoid of life and lonely – though a bright pink horse float was still stationed in the driveway.

On the other side of the compound is a tennis court that has sunk into disrepair.

Overgrown and without any real sign of life, tennis evidently isn’t one of Katie’s passions.

Parked on the drive of the house is an array of bright pink vehicles – and the Ford Fiesta she was seen driving last Friday, while still on a suspended licence.
Her famous pink Range Rover, most recently believed to have been driven by boyfriend Kris Boyson, is one of the vehicles parked on the unloved driveway.

However, it shares space with bags of rubbish and abandoned children’s toys.

Further down the lot appeared to be a bob cat digger, just chilling, seemingly once having the job of moving items around the grounds.

Katie is staring down the barrel of an expensive divorce, as well as having an employment tribunal hanging over her head from her former nanny and it’s been claimed that those financial worries, coupled with the spiralling costs of maintaining the property, have led to her considering offloading the property.

It has been reported by the Daily Star that Katie forks out £10,000 a month on upkeep on the place, which she originally bought for £1.3 million.

She said to Fabulous magazine this month: ‘I’ve realised the house was disgusting – I don’t think he ever really kept it [clean]. I can see that now.’

She blamed ex-husband Kieran for the state of the place.

‘Now he’s gone, it’s completely different – it’s like I’ve reclaimed my house,’ she said. ‘I’ve got my nest back.’

She added: ‘Everyone who comes in is like: “This is the old Kate.” I’ve got all my candles on, it looks all girlie again, you can smell it’s all clean.

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