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Housing Minister Phil Twyford sets out plan for 10,000 new houses in Mangere

Mangere will have 10,000 new houses in a redevelopment of old state housing, Housing Minister Phil Twyford has announced.

The development will replace 2700 "worn-out" state houses, Mr Twyford said.

In their place there will be about 3000 new state houses, 3500 new KiwiBuild and affordable homes, and 3500 market homes.

Mr Twyford said the houses would be built over 10 to 15 years.

Construction of the first new state houses would start in the coming months and were due to be finished mid-2019.

"Stage 1a of the redevelopment is underway. Thirty-five state houses are being demolished to be replaced by 66 more state houses and 100 other homes, at least half of which will be KiwiBuild and affordable."

Work on the first KiwiBuild and affordable homes would be finished towards the end of 2019 and early 2020.

"I am determined that the local community benefits from this redevelopment and are not priced out of the new homes," Mr Twyford said.

"Prices and exact numbers will be finalised as building contracts are agreed. Long-term rent and shared equity options are also under development.

"Building up to 3,500 KiwiBuild homes in Mangere will give local families a realistic shot at home ownership."

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