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Jul 30, 2018

Harry Kane fivers worth £50,000 are now in circulation somewhere in Britain

England fell painfully short of glory at the World Cup – but Three Lions fans still have a chance of their own big win this summer. That’s if they pick up one of four special £5 notes that are worth £50,000. The notes are valuable as they feature a tiny 5mm portrait of England captain and World Cup Golden Boot winner Harry Kane.

They were made by micro-engraver Graham Short, 72, who revealed to the Daily Star that three of the notes are now in circulation – but just one is in England. It was spent in Meriden in central England, while Mr Short spent the others in Edinburgh and Merthyr Tydfil. 

He added: ‘The Northern Ireland note is still to be spent.’ Mr Short etched the engraving on two other notes – one has been presented to Kane, and the other is with the FA. The notes are insured for £50,000 each, and Mr Short said anyone lucky enough to pick one up can expect that sum if they auction off the fiver. Mr Short said: ‘My art sells for a lot of money now and it’s really out of reach for most people, but if they find this and sell it and make a lot of money I’ll be really pleased with that.’ He added that he was inspired by England’s World Cup campaign, during which Kane fired six goals to finish as the tournament’s top scorer.

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